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Combining old school craftsmanship with new school machining methods and techniques.

Dynamic Tool & Machine (DTM) specializes in Automated Machinery Components, Prototypes, Tool & Die, Machine fixtures & Tooling, Gages, Assembly & test fixtures and Reverse Engineering.
DTM can handle just about any General Machining project and can work with many different types of metals and plastics.  At DTM we are upfront with our customers and always stand behind our work.
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At DTM we have the experience, equipment and tooling to provide High Precision Machining Services.

CNC Milling

Computer Numerical Control (CNC). CNC Milling is the process of cutting, drilling, boring, threading and contouring raw materials using a rotating cylindrical tool called a milling cutter through a subtractive method. A milling machine has the ability to cut different angles, profiles and surfaces moving along multiple axes. DTM has the experience and equipment to produce a wide variety of CNC milled products in various metals and plastic materials.

Turning can be done manually, in a traditional form, or by using an automated CNC lathe. In Turning, the workpiece is rotated, and a cutting tool is traversed along multiple axes of motion to produce precise diameters, threads, grooves, and profiles. DTM has multiple lathes both manual and CNC. They provide high precision results for customers in a variety of industries.

CNC Turning


Quality Control is an important and necessary part of the manufacturing process. DTM ensures that every part complies with industry standards and customer specifications. At DTM we run an exceptionally clean and organized shop environment employing well-maintained high-end equipment and tooling.

Inspection equipment Detail

DTM has invested in high-end saws and grinding equipment as well as in-house heat-treating furnaces to support customer requirements. This helps reduce turnaround times and reduce overall costs.

Saws, Grinding & Heat Treating

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